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An Electric Airplane and Experiments with Seismic Waves – What Is Being Developed at SIP Zurich?

Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich is not a construction project – not yet anyway. However, students from ETH Zurich have been carrying out research...

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Where Design and Technology Meet

Enabled by Design is a joint program of EPFL and the University of Art and Design Lausanne (ECAL) that forges ties between researchers and designers to...

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Accelerating the Path to Industrialization

The path from cleantech innovations to the market usually involves setting up industrial production - a complex task. At the Demo Day of the Switzerland...

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Boosting Proton Therapy in the Fight Against Cancer

Terapet SA, the winner of Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare’s 2020 “Business Incubation Centre of CERN Technologies” in Villigen, Switzerland,...

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A Vision Becomes Reality

On their mission to develop a revolutionary new campus into one of the most important biotech and healthcare innovation centers in the world, Switzerland...

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A Promising Future for Soft Bioelectronic Interfaces

Results demonstrate MRI compatibility, good surgical handling and reliable recording in bioelectronic interfaces that conform to the nervous system A...

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New Innovation Parks in St. Gallen, Central Switzerland and Ticino

More research investments, more jobs, more start-ups – a new innovation park is to be created in Eastern Switzerland. The Switzerland Innovation Foundation...

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Abionic Launches New Tool for Faster Triage of COVID-19 Patients

Within minutes of analysing a blood sample, the test offers medical criteria of Covid-19 severity and likelihood of clinical deterioration   Continuous...

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"No Innovation Without Cooperation" - Promoting Cooperation Between Industry, Research and Startups

How Switzerland Innovation Promotes Cooperation Between Industry, Research and Startups Switzerland Innovation, the Swiss innovation park with its five...

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Switzerland Innovation Tech4Impact: Six Projects Awarded CHF 85,000 Each

Almost 100 project teams responded to the first call for proposals launched by Switzerland Innovation together with partners from the Swiss economy. Six...

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Robots From Basel Set to Revolutionize Surgery

The Miracle project is developing high-precision bone cutting using a smart laser saw in a minimally invasive surgical procedure. The development of the individually configurable robot needed for these applications is being supported by the Werner Siemens Foundation.

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Agent-Based Digital Teacher for Interactive Remote Training

As part of a project sponsored by Innosuisse, the Swiss Smart Factory (SSF), together with its partners MyLiveZone, Hilscher and the Swiss Distance University...

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