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evolaris aviation gmbh – a spin-off of the Bern University of Applied science – has developed an electrical high power aerobatic motor for the swiss aerobatic aircraft VOTEC 221 in the past 2 years.

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A new method for cheaper solar-energy storage

Storing solar energy as hydrogen is a promising way for developing comprehensive renewable energy systems. Building on a unique idea, EPFL scientists have now developed a simple, unconventional method to fabricate high-quality, efficient solar panels for direct solar hydrogen production with low cost.

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Breath test for detecting head and neck Cancer

Inhale, then exhale. This simple act could now save lives. A technology developed in part at EPFL can quickly identify the presence of a head and neck cancer, such as of the throat or mouth by analysing people's breath. The new device, equipped with extremely sensitive sensors, has been tested on patients and operates with a computer or even a mobile phone.

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Novel ligand-bound GPCR structures

Membrane protein drug targets represent a significant challenge for high-resolution three-dimensional structure determination limiting the discovery and development of novel medicines. leadXpro AG, a company at PARK INNOVAARE, successfully tackles the membrane protein structure identification challenge to advance the drug discovery process and bring better drugs to the market.

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Better and cheaper DNA sequencing

EPFL scientists have developed a method that improves the accuracy of DNA sequencing up to a thousand times. The method, which uses nanopores to read individual nucleotides, paves the way for better – and cheaper – DNA sequencing. Reading the exact make-up of genes, scientists can detect mutations, or even identify different organisms.

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“Launching an innovation project in Switzerland? You have come to the right place!”

In 2016 a new organisation, Switzerland Innovation – the Swiss innovation park, started operating in Switzerland. It is a platform that unites five innovation...

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Trumpf im globalen Wettbewerb

Die Parks von Switzerland Innovation haben vor anderthalb Jahren eröffnet. Heute sind dort rund 80 forschungsorientierte Unternehmen angesiedelt. Artikel...

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What Are the Benefits of Switzerland as an R&D Location?

The most innovative country in the world must constantly launch new initiatives to attract R&D activities if that lead is to be maintained, and Switzerland...

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A vision becomes reality for ennos ag at the Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne

ennos ag develops and distributes the "sunlight pump" – a highly efficient solar-powered water pump for use in agricultural irrigation systems and water...

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Virtual Reality in Medicine

Basel research scientists open up new opportunities for diagnostics, the scheduling of surgical interventions and training In order to identify the...

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Switzerland Innovation finds the right research partners

Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne fills an important gap when it comes to innovation funding. It helps start-ups and SMEs to find the right research...

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"There is no innovation without research and no progress without innovation"

Interview with Kaspar E. A. Wenger, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Holcim (Schweiz) AG and representative of the company on the Switzerland Innovation...

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