Robots From Basel Set to Revolutionize Surgery

The Miracle project is developing high-precision bone cutting using a smart laser saw in a minimally invasive surgical procedure. The development of the individually configurable robot needed for these applications is being supported by the Werner Siemens Foundation.

What are particle accelerators and how do they help create new products?

We are used to thinking of particle accelerators as pure research instruments. There are however over 30'000 of them in the world and they are widely used by different industries, from med-tech and computer industry to food and security industries. Accelerator and related technologies are in the origin of many innovations.

Robotics: Innovation and R&D in Switzerland

Forbes recently called Switzerland “the Silicon Valley of Robotics” and said the country has “emerged as a serious competitor to California for the technologies, people and funding that will power the world’s fourth socio-economic revolution”. Find out why.

Drug Discovery Made in Switzerland

Drug discovery has come a long way from guess work to a structural and targeted approach to finding new and better remedies. To develop new drugs, companies need to stay up to date about the latest discoveries in genomics, proteomics, structural or quantitative biology.


This breakthrough technology for deep-seated tumor irradiation has become one of the ­leading forms of tumor and cancer treatment around the world. With proton therapy, tumor tissues are destroyed using protons.

Virtual Reality Specto VR

Medical Application of Virtual and Augmented Reality Tools. With the Virtual Reality tool SpectoVR, doctors can interact in a three-dimensional space with the patient data prior to surgery.

A new method for cheaper solar-energy storage

Storing solar energy as hydrogen is a promising way for developing comprehensive renewable energy systems. Building on a unique idea, EPFL scientists have now developed a simple, unconventional method to fabricate high-quality, efficient solar panels for direct solar hydrogen production with low cost.

Electron Diffraction for Drug Discovery

Modern pharmaceutical development is tailored to the chemical and physical characteristics of active organic compounds. Obtaining a polymorph portfolio of a compound is a demanding process. With its advantages, electron diffraction represents one of the most promising fields of research for unlocking new possibilities in structure-based drug discovery.

Disabled people pilot a robot remotely with their thoughts

Using a telepresence system developed at EPFL, 19 people – including nine quadriplegics – were able to remotely control a robot located in one of the university laboratories. This multi-year research project aims to give a measure of independence to paralyzed people. Each of the 9 subjects with disabilities managed to remotely control the robot with ease.

Who we are

Switzerland Innovation, the Swiss innovation park, is facilitating collaborations for companies, startups, and universities to find solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Together with its partners, Switzerland Innovation forms an ecosystem accelerating the transformation of research results into marketable products and services.

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Patrick Warnking

Country Director Google Switzerland

Quality in terms of training, research and innovation is a key factor behind the success of our investments in Switzerland – alongside local partnerships with players from academia, business, politics and society in the field of ­digital education and beyond. It provides a solid foundation that has seen Google Switzerland become the company’s largest R&D site outside the USA.

Andreas Gerber

Head of SME Business Switzerland, Credit Suisse (Schweiz) AG

Switzerland is a globally interconnected platform with sophisticated skills, legal certainty and access to customized financing opportunities for international companies. For the future it is key to show effective economic policy and regulation, and to invest in new technologies and education to remain unique and internationally competitive.

Monika Rühl

Chairwoman of the Executive Board at economiesuisse

The success of Switzerland as a center for production and thinking depends essentially on the quality of the collaboration between universities and the private sector. The innovation parks fill an important gap in this respect. They combine different research competencies in one location, create synergies and strengthen the innovative power of the Swiss economy.

Dr. René Buholzer

CEO and Delegate of the Board of Interpharma

Innovation is the result of creative, intelligent people; however, even the best people cannot be innovative enough without the right environment. Switzerland offers excellent conditions for everyone looking to innovate: a stable, democratic system with legal certainty, respect for intellectual property, and an excellent education system.

Theresa Visarius

Managing Director IPS Biopharma AG

The Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne provides an ideal environment for startups by offering an infrastructure and network so important to young companies. Their highly skilled staff take a personal interest and promote swiss innovation as they strive to meet the individual needs of each company.

Roger Wüthrich-Hasenböhler

Chief Digital Officer of Swisscom Group

Switzerland offers an excellent ecosystem for fostering innovation. The key pillars are the high level of education, significant investments in research and the strong infrastructure. But the open mindset and cooperation between companies provide the needed boost for innovation to thrive.

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