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Securaxis’ Technology Increases Safety in Cities and Protects Wildlife in Africa

Author: Darya Bachevskaya, Switzerland Innovation Park innovaare

Securaxis SA, a member company at Switzerland Innovation Park innovaare, is the first incubatee of the Swiss BIC of CERN Technologies. Using CERN’s unique know-how in large-scale data-gathering and control, it has developed a novel acoustic monitoring system for smart cities. Its sensors already help to increase safety in our cities and monitor critical infrastructure.

Recently, the company has found another area of application for its technology: wildlife monitoring in national parks in Africa. It can help rangers learn more about how the animals live together and some of their behavior patterns: When do they come to the water point? How long do they stay? How do they share the space with other species? The acoustic technology could also help authorities fight poaching in the parks and protect the animals. The sensors can distinguish between animals and humans and notify the rangers of violent activities that might be taking place.

In his interview with Switzerland Innovation Park innovaare, Securaxis CEO Glenn Meleder talks about his invention, its main fields of application, and the way the Swiss BIC program has affected his business. Read more.