Allthisfuture Launched Its Project Call “Intelligence or Copper?”

Author: Park Central, Site of Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich

Project ideas wanted! WWZ Innovation Lab based at Park Central, Site of SIP Zurich,  searches for new intelligent tools and business ideas to make grid expansion economical and resilient. Thanks to the NTN Innovation Booster of Innosuisse, projects will be supported with CHF 20,000 each.

The decarbonisation of the energy system is leading to greater electrification of the mobility and heating sector through electric cars and heat pumps. In addition, decentralised generation and storage systems such as PV systems and batteries have made great strides in terms of economic efficiency in recent years. This means that electricity from one's own roof and, in some cases, its storage on site, is now cheaper than purchasing it from the grid. These technical as well as economic developments have a direct influence on the distribution grids. On the technical level, for example, deviating voltage characteristics or partial line overloads must be expected. On the business level, the question arises as to how an increasingly digitalised distribution grid is to be operated with the trend towards falling grid fees due to decentralisation.

The distribution grids have created various future scenarios, with which optimal investment decisions can be made in the area of conflict between rapidly changing uses and infrastructure expansion with a service life of 40 to 50 years.

Legislators prefer network optimisation through smart solutions to pure network expansion. The credo is: IT instead of copper or also known as the NOVA principle: network optimisation before expansion. On the other hand, smart solutions inherently bear the risk of failures, whether due to the complex technology itself or, for example, due to hacker attacks.

About allthisfuture - WWZ Innovation Lab
Allthisfuture is WWZ's innovation lab. It crosses industry boundaries, explores growth markets and creates new connections. Well-founded know-how from the energy and telecoms supply business coupled with a high level of methodological expertise make it the ideal breeding ground for new business ideas. Its focus is on the intersection of energy and ICT with a view to a decentralised service landscape of the future.

Submission is open until 10th August 2022