Elionova Is Revolutioninzing the Rapid Testing Market

Author: BlueFactory Fribourg

ELIONOVA, located at BlueFactory, site of SIP West EPFL is revolutionizing the rapid testing  market, offering an innovative diagnostic platform and in vitro diagnostic products for  human and animal health. 

Until ELIONOVA’s innovative solution came to market, lateral flow tests were either  quantitative and reliable but time consuming and expensive, or fast yet semi quantitative. By developing their EVA (EVANESCENCE Biosensor Technology)  technology, the researchers from the Fribourg spin-off have managed to combine  precision, simplicity and speed, without compromise, allowing them to deliver reliable  diagnoses within 5 to 10 minutes. 

EVA – Evanescence Biosensor Technology

This optical and immunological technology is technically similar to common ELISA  technology, which is broadly used in standard diagnostic laboratories and whose results  are reliable but time consuming and complicated involving may steps. The EVA  consumable test is a one step procedure as the device already contains all test-specific  reagents. Simply add the sample test into plastic device, place it in the reader and  measure. The fluorophors bound at the bottom of the test well are generating a signal which can be read in real time, hence the 5-10 minutes assay time providing quantitative  results for many applications such as pathogen detection.

ELIONOVA’s upcoming projects

This innovative, easy-to-handle and portable technology, which can be used in any  healthcare setting, is revolutionizing a medical environment that had a tendency to give  up on certain complicated, unreliable or particularly expensive diagnoses. ELIONOVA is  now working on EVA tests to test platelet donors and recipients to ensure the success of  a platelet transfusion, or to detect the level of protective antibodies in the body of a  patient who is reluctant to be (re-)vaccinated against COVID-19. In essence, Elionova’s  solution is an innovative alternative offering a cheaper and more rapid solution for the  diagnostic market.