UPM Biomedicals Chooses Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area

Author: UPM Biomedicals
SIP Basel Area Main Campus in Allschwil ©Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area
SIP Basel Area Main Campus in Allschwil ©Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area

UPM Biomedicals, a leader in the development of sustainable biomaterials, will open a cell lab on the premises of Switzerland Innovation Park Basel later this year as part of its efforts to access the local talent pool and become part of the life science community in Basel.

“Entering Basel is a milestone for UPM as a leader in sustainable biomaterial development for life science and clinical use. With location in the heart of European pharma, we can easily collaborate on novel solutions for healthcare.” says Johana Kuncova-Kallio, Director of UPM Biomedicals.

The Main Campus, located in Allschwil, is the newest of the four innovation sites of the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area. The campus was inaugurated in 2022 and instantly became a global hub for innovators in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medicine, and research.

The Main Campus has an impressive list of neighbours in the Basel Area. The Basel Area, next to the borders of France and Germany, with over 700 life science companies is Europe’s prime life sciences location and bio-pharma powerhouse. Roche and Novartis, for example, have their global headquarters in Basel. The area is home to many other big life science brands, but also to a myriad of up-and-coming companies and over 1000 research groups working in companies, universities, and innovation centres. Close to 32.000 life-science experts work in the Basel area.

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