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Securaxis’ Technology Increases Safety in Cities and Protects Wildlife in Africa

Securaxis SA, a member company at Switzerland Innovation Park innovaare, is the first incubatee of the Swiss BIC of CERN Technologies. Using CERN’s unique...

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Anne, l’aimable assistante

Anne a l’air sympathique et sa voix est agréable. Assistante personnelle, organisatrice et surveillante, elle aide dans leur quotidien des personnes...

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SUN Bioscience selected for StartLab Incubator

SUN Bioscience, the Swiss bioengineering venture led by Sylke Hoehnel, is the 5th start-up to join Switzerland Innovation Park Network West EPFL Biopôle’s...

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Novostia technology for heart valve prosthesis raises CHF 6.5M to start first clinical trials

On February 22, 2019, Novostia, a medical device company incorporated in the Switzerland Innovation Park Network West EPFL, Microcity Neuchâtel, announced...

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The Road Is Clear for Enuu in Biel

It’s not a bicycle, as it has four wheels, a roof, windshield wipers, turn signals and even space for a shopping bag. But it’s not a car either, as...

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A New Association to Promote Algae

SWALG – the Swiss Algae Consortium Association – was founded in May 2018. It is a non-profit organization that serves as a platform to promote algae-related...

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Switzerland's Strenghts Gain International Attention

Switzerland as a hotspot for machine learning, the Swiss higher education system as the second best in the world and a quite positive article about Switzerland...

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Stimulating the Human Body's Self-Healing Powers

Given the constantly aging global population, the importance of regenerative treatment methods is increasing all the time. At Switzerland Innovation Park...

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We Have Conquered the Valley of Death

joysteer, the electronic driving system for people with physical disabilities, was originally a spin-off company of Bern University of Applied Sciences...

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Drug Discovery Made in Switzerland

Drug discovery has come a long way from guess work to a structural and targeted approach to finding new and better remedies. To develop new drugs, companies need to stay up to date about the latest discoveries in genomics, proteomics, structural or quantitative biology.

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Robotics: Innovation and R&D in Switzerland

Forbes recently called Switzerland “the Silicon Valley of Robotics” and said the country has “emerged as a serious competitor to California for the technologies, people and funding that will power the world’s fourth socio-economic revolution”. Find out why.

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Structure-based Drug Discovery Drives the Development of Novel Treatment Options

Drug development is a long and unpredictable process that requires high levels of investment, endurance and state-of-the-art technology. Basic research...

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