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ACROBiosystems Establishes Presence at the SIP Basel Area

Author: Basel Area Business & Innovation

ACROBiosystems AG, a company operating in the US and in Asia, has selected the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area for its first European location. From here, the biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Beijing plans to expand its research and commercial activities in Europe. Switzerland Innovation with its Beijing office and the investment and innovation promotion agency Basel Area Business & Innovation supported the company in establishing its business in Switzerland.

“We welcome ACROBiosystems as promising contributor to our vibrant life sciences community at the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area in Allschwil”, comments Karin Crisanto, Head Innovation Space and Infrastructure at Basel Area Business & Innovation. “With its focus on collaboration with local customers and partners the company is a good fit for us.”

Basel Area as a valuable base

ACROBiosystems manufactures proteins, antibodies and other reagents for biopharmaceutical research. According to information from the company itself, by opening a new subsidiary, the aim is “to accelerate the growth of the company with our first active presence in Europe. The company supports academic and industrial clients working on target therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostics in all phases of product development.” As CEO Mike Chen explains, ACROBiosystems is keen to “foster better relationships with renowned universities, research institutions and hospitals in Switzerland” with the ultimate aim of supporting “new product development to better understand and serve the biomedical field”.

The new location in the Basel Area is “exciting for us as it offers a valuable base for sales and marketing, better geographic coverage of our customers and collaborators and provides a foundation for our future plans of developing a facility for manufacturing, research and development to grow from”. Chen explains further in the statement.

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