Park Basel Area

47°33'N 7°32'E

Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area provides a platform, including infrastructure, for innovative R&D groups in direct neighbourhood to world leading companies in Health and Life Science. Exchange between private sector and regional scientific institutions helps to promote research activities, and facilitates the transfer of knowledge and technology.

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Park Innovaare

47°32'N 8°13'E

Located in close proximity to the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and its unique complex of large-scale research facilities, Switzerland Innovation Park innovaare and the companies based there profit from the extensive collaboration opportunities with leading experts in four innovation focus areas: accelerator technology, advanced materials and processes, human health, and energy. The outstanding conditions offered by the Canton of Aargau make Switzerland Innovation Park innovaare an excellent choice for innovative and research-oriented companies.

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Park Zurich

47°22'N 8°32'E

Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich has 38 hectares of undeveloped land for the performance of R&D and joint innovation work between the worlds of business and science (Federal Institute of Technology [ETH] Zurich, University of Zurich and universities of applied sciences Zurich). The innovation focus areas are life sciences and quality of life, engineering and environment, and digital technologies and communication.

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Park Network West EPFL

47°51'N 6°56'E

Where first-class corporate R&D teams meet internationally renowned professors and highly innovative student spin-offs. Where disruptive innovation is a reality. Highly skilled people, superbly equipped laboratories, and a unique atmosphere ensure the creation of tomorrow’s most sought-after products. If your company wants to change the market rules, you should join our network and be part of the progress.

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Park Biel/Bienne

47°7'N 7°14'E

Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne provides a platform for application-oriented research and development in the area of industrial technology. As a joint venture comprising private companies and public institutions, Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne offers space, technology, and services for innovation teams and companies.

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