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Switzerland Innovation Tech4Impact Unveils Impact Report

Author: Switzerland Innovation
SDG goals

The SI Tech4Impact program has played a crucial role in providing science-based startups with a comprehensive framework and grants to progress and actively contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Innovation Partners, including ABB, Credit Suisse, Die Mobiliar, Economiesuisse, Interpharma, Schindler, Swiss Re Foundation, Swisscom, UBS, and Zurich, have been instrumental in supporting university spinoffs and research groups during the critical early stages of product development for the market. This strategic collaboration has been the cornerstone for these incubated technologies to not only survive but thrive, experiencing substantial growth.

Over four years, the collaborative innovation ecosystem nurtured by the SI Tech4Impact program has been a driving force, propelling Swiss technologies with a sustainable global impact, stimulating economic growth, and creating new job opportunities within the industry.

Through three cohorts, the program successfully incubated 18 projects, with 7 of them already making a tangible impact in the market. The incubated technologies have collectively further raised over an impressive 20 million Swiss Francs to ensure sustained growth and development.

This transformative impact has extended beyond financial metrics, contributing to the creation of 70 new jobs, thereby enhancing economic vitality and fostering a resilient and thriving innovation ecosystem in Switzerland. 

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