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Accelerate Your Innovation Journey with the Swiss Soft Landing Program

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Embark on a transformative voyage with our Soft Landing Program to harness the potential of Swiss research & innovation ecosystems. Why Switzerland? Renowned as the world's most innovative country, Switzerland provides the ideal setting for your next venture. Explore how our program can fast-track your innovation journey, translating research into market-ready products and services.

In the quest for innovation, companies have long been looking for the "secret sauce" that helps turn ideas into success. This is where the Soft Landing Program comes in, a groundbreaking initiative developed by Switzerland Innovation Park West EPFL with an unparalleled track record of innovation.

As part of the Switzerland Innovation initiative, SIP West EPFL fosters collaboration between domestic and international companies, universities, and higher-education institutions across Western Switzerland.

The SIP West EPFL consists of six innovation sites coordinated by five cantons and EPFL to position the western region as an innovation hub and enable seamless collaboration with industry.

Antoine Jourdan, Director of SIP West EPFL, introduces the organization: "Our mission is to support companies of all sizes throughout their innovation journey, connecting them with our vibrant ecosystem and generating meaningful collaboration opportunities."

Navigating this rich ecosystem can be challenging, but the Soft Landing Program's account managers offer personalized guidance, ensuring companies maximize innovation opportunities and impact.

The program is made for globally focused companies ready for disruptive innovation, offering a tailor-made journey to unveil the ecosystem's potential. Participants can collaborate with all the academic institutions, over 200 startups, corporates, and SMEs, test ideas, and tap into a talent pool of over 90,000 students.

Since its inception in 2022, 16 companies of different sizes have participated in the Soft Landing Program, launching R&D collaborations in-person and online, with 10 of them choosing Switzerland as their long-term innovation hub.

From machinery manufacturing to AI-based digital health and semiconductor design, the ecosystem accommodates R&D needs across all industrial sectors, providing expertise and talent acquisition opportunities.

“Flexible, focused on your needs, and with no strings attached, the Soft Landing Program is the perfect way to discover if Switzerland can be the right partner for your organization. We believe it is, but we want you to try it first”, concludes Giovanni Porcellana, Deputy Director of SIP West EPFL.

With interest in the Soft Landing program growing globally, companies are recognizing the unique value of Switzerland's dynamic innovation ecosystem that can be explored through this tailored solution. Get in touch with us to find out how a Soft Landing can enrich your innovation journey: 

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