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Swiss Day 2016 @ Peking University: a focus on Innovation

On October 23rd, swissnex' Beijing team dedicated this year’s Swiss day to Peking University’s international culture festival, where the embassy staff...

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Switzerland Innovation Enters into Cooperation with TusPark in China

During a state visit to China in April, the President of the Swiss Confederation, Johann N. Schneider-Ammann, got together with Chinese President Xi Jinping,...

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Investing in the Future – S-GE Presents the Tell Awards 2016

The presentation of this year’s Tell Awards by Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE), with the theme of “Inspiring Innovation”, was held in mid-June...

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Wissenschaft trifft auf Wirtschaft

Wissenschaft trifft auf Wirtschaft Der jüngst lancierte Schweizer Innovationspark bringt Forscher und Unternehmer zusammen. An mehreren Standorten...

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Switzerland Innovation at CeBIT and Hannover Messe

CeBIT, the world’s biggest B2B event in the area of digital technology, was held in mid-March 2016 in Hannover. As a partner country, Switzerland was...

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Innovation Country Switzerland – Opportunities for Austria

The link between research and industry was on the agenda at an event organized by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber in cooperation with the Embassy...

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Die Schweiz mit den ICT-Themen an vorderster Front

CeBIT 2016 – Partnerland Schweiz Die Schweiz mit den ICT-Themen an vorderster Front Die CeBIT in Hannover war in den vergangenen Tagen erneut Dreh-...

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Start des Schweizerischen Innovationsparks

Medienmitteilung Bern, 18. Januar 2016 Der Schweizerische Innovationspark Switzerland Innovation wurde heute offiziell eröffnet. Bundespräsident...

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