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Swiss Innovation Forum


Dreams, visions and business ideas

On 16 November 2017, the Swiss Innovation Forum (SIF) will take place in Basel. Switzerland's leading innovation conference is being held under the claim of «DREAM». 25 speakers will show how innovative business ideas can originate from visions and dreams. 

«I have a dream». This is the title of one of the most famous speeches in history. In 1963, the civil rights activist Martin Luther King already believed in the radiant power of dreams and presented his visions in Washington. 

Dreams – this is also what it‘s all about at the Swiss Innovation Forum 2017. Major innovations often begin with dreams – but they take courage. When the Wright Brothers dreamed of flying, they were laughed at. And the astronomer Galileo even received life imprisonment for his discovery. The value of his pioneering work wasn‘t recognised until later. 


Swiss Innovation Forum

Varied and inspiring programme 

On 16 November 2017, the Swiss Innovation Forum will take place for the twelfth time at the Congress Center in Basel. The leading innovation conference in Switzerland is a unique platform for the targeted promotion of creativity, design and innovation. The more than 1,000 participants attending the event are invited to dream, to give their fantasies free reign, to lose themselves in thought and to forget their ordinary daily routine for a day. The aim is to create space for novel ways of thinking, creative methods and courageous designs. 

Around 25 speakers such as the famous bio-gerontologist Aubrey de Grey or the German professor of philosophy Markus Gabriel will show how visionary dreams can be turned into innovative business ideas. In Basel, carefully selected speakers will present trailblazing ideas, novel technologies and current trends. Actual examples from business practice will also be showcased as well as academic articles on the subject of innovation. 

In addition to a varied programme with keynotes and breakout sessions, there will also be opportunities for crosssector networking – something which has made already the Swiss Innovation Forum so popular among representatives from industry, academia and politics for years. 

Let us dream without care at the SIF, let us draw up great plans and break out of our everyday routine!

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