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Campus Biotech at Planète Santé

Author: Switzerland Innovation Park Network West EPFL / Campus Biotech

Would you like to meet your avatar and make him do challenging experiments? And what about travelling to the heart of the human brain and its fascinating connections or being in an MRI machine to discover all its secrets? You can discover these incredible animations at Campus Biotech stand during Planète Santé :

Mock Scanner
The Mock Scanner invites you to discover the magnetic resonance imaging device, a research tool used by researchers who study the brain and the human behavior.

Lying in an exact replica of an MRI, you will be able to take part to an interactive experiment. Moreover, a scientist will explain you why the scanner is an indispensable source of knowledge.

The « Human connected » box
Meet your avatar and discover the latest scientific advances in implantable neurodevices connectors in the human body.

You will be able to explore consciousness, walk again after a paralysis, order a prosthesis by thinking, regain the sense of touch, control tinnitus and virtually reactivate your paralysed limbs. 

The Neurodome
Thanks to advanced neuroimaging techniques and a scientific expert commentary, take an immersive three-dimensional journey inside this fascinating organ. The brain is usually visualized in two dimensions, rarely in three. This immersive approach, presented by HEALTH GRAPHIX, is fascinating and very instructive.