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A successful start for BIC of CERN Technologies at PARK INNOVAARE

Author: Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare
Securaxis - the first incubatee of BIC of CERN Technologies
Securaxis - the first incubatee of BIC of CERN Technologies

Switzerland’s first Business Incubation Centre (BIC) of CERN Technologies was launched by Switzerland Innovation Park innovaare, CERN, the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of North-Western Switzerland (FHNW). Out-of-the-box thinking start-ups and young entrepreneurs willing to implement accelerator and related technologies in their product and service development can apply for the competition.

Every year, up to two incubatees are selected to join the incubator and to benefit from technical and business coaching, privileged access to CERN’s and PSI’s IP, and CHF 50'000 start-up money.

The first edition of the program attracted the attention of many founders both from Switzerland and abroad, who proposed projects leveraging a large spectrum of applications. The 2018 winner, Securaxis SA, is developing a real-time high-energy event detection sensor to identify and characterize sounds. Their device will help solve the safety and security issues arising in the context of a smart city. The start-up has already started its incubation process at Switzerland Innovation Park innovaare.

In the meantime, 2019 edition of the program is being prepared. It is open to all projects that can benefit from CERN’s reach know-how in accelerator technologies.