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Nextday.Vision Is First Tenant at Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area in Jura

Philippe Kapfer, CEO NextDay.Vision
Philippe Kapfer, CEO NextDay.Vision

One month before the official opening, the Jura site of the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area welcomes its first tenant: NextDay.Vision, a start-up from the Jura, opens its office at the park. The company was also one of the winners of the i4Challenge 2018.

Being in the Jura comes with advantages for the company: Customers and partners in Basel, Bern, Neuchâtel, Geneva and Paris are easily accessible by train. Being close to the many SMEs in the Jura further provides the possibility to easily deploy and improve new products, adapting them to the needs of the customers. To CEO Philippe Kapfer, the Jura site of the innovation park is the perfect place to innovate, to share and to grow. “We are convinced that the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area will help us in creating new partnerships and in finding new customers.” He appreciates the effort that the canton makes to attract and to keep innovative companies. “We are one of these innovators. There is no reason for us to go elsewhere,” Kapfer says.

CEO Philippe Kapfer is a cybersecurity specialist and author of a book on Internal Hacking. He founded his start-up to develop software solutions in computer security in 2017. NextDay.Vision also offers IT security consulting as well as conferences and trainings on security awareness. NextDay.Vision recently released its first product: OtpOne API replaces passwords in company business applications. “Our next plans are to develop some tools related to our technology to provide IT companies with more comfort and security. Further, we want to develop cybersecurity audits and raise awareness in order to protect local SMB companies from hackers.” NextDay.Vision also collaborates with a reseller in Canada to open new markets.

The CEO hopes for a thriving community at the innovation park and looks forward to finding complementary profiles of entrepreneurs and skills in order to work together and to create something new. Philippe Kapfer also enjoys the other qualities of the Jura: “The region is just beautiful.”