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StartLab Among the 20 Best Biotech Incubators Hatching Startup Stars in Europe

Author: Biopôle Lausanne - Switzerland Innovation Park Network West EPFL

Incubators can give biotech startups the boost they need to get off the ground. StartLab belongs to Europe's leading incubators supporting the next generation of life science startups.

Creating a biotech company is a challenging, long-term endeavor. In particular, the first steps can be essential to set up a new business on the right path towards success. Incubators can offer a startup the resources needed to get there, be it laboratory space, mentorship, or access to an exclusive network of experts.

Given the importance of the biotechnology sector in Europe, many startup incubators across the continent specialize in supporting life science startups. These biotech incubators offer facilities, mentoring and networking options that can prove crucial in determining the fate of a young biotech.

The StartLab Incubator is located at the Biopôle in Lausanne, a hotspot for biotech that hosts academic researchers and companies specializing in life sciences. It has a flexible payment model that requires less funding for a biotech company to get started.

by Clara Rodríguez Fernández,