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Assisted Patent Searches at the IPI: Now More Than Ever!

Author: Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property IPI

Despite the corona crisis, the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property IPI offers assisted patent searches. - Free of charge and from home until the end of May 2020.

As long as the IPI remains closed to visitors, the searches will be conducted by means of an online meeting solution. The other general conditions remain unchanged.

Innovation is in demand
The measures taken to contain the pandemic are hitting many companies hard: sales slumps, liquidity issues and reduced working hours. Fresh ideas are needed right now - in the short term to develop crisis-proof business models, and in order to optimize a new start later on.

Assisted patent searches provide clarity
Do you already have ideas for new products? Check your options. The IPI will support you quickly and easily from home. Questions that can be answered by an assisted patent search include:

  • Is your idea for a product novel and patentable?
  • Do solutions to your present technical problem already exist?
  • Are there unexplored fields of application for your technologies?
  • Which other companies protect products similar to yours with patents?

You can register for an assisted search online.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with IPI's contact centre at +41 31 377 77 77 or via e-mail: