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"No Innovation Without Cooperation" - Promoting Cooperation Between Industry, Research and Startups

Author: Switzerland Innovation / Venture Kick

How Switzerland Innovation Promotes Cooperation Between Industry, Research and Startups

Switzerland Innovation, the Swiss innovation park with its five branches, is facilitating collaborations for companies, startups, and universities to find solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges in the fields of health and the life sciences, in particular in the areas of chemistry, biochemistry, biomedicine, biotech, medtech and digital health. Together with its numerous and diverse partners, Switzerland Innovation creates an ecosystem for universities and research-based companies, accelerating the transformation of research results into marketable products and services.

Switzerland Innovation – The Swiss Innovation Park Switzerland Innovation forms a network of ecosystems that merges talent, knowledge and expertise in order to create new technology-driven solutions. The collaboration between the Swiss public and private sectors ensures a winning combination, with the Innovation Parks serving as melting pots for these protagonists. The mission of the organizations working under the umbrella of Switzerland Innovation is to lead the way in terms of technical infrastructure enabling innovation in the field of health and life sciences as one of five focus areas. The network of ecosystems created by Switzerland Innovation fosters collaboration with academic partners and industry, which allows universities and innovative companies to use their competencies for the development of marketable products and services. There are five Switzerland Innovation Parks nationwide, each with its human and technical infrastructure. In this article, we present examples of ventures in the areas of chemistry, biochemistry, and biomedicine emerging from the ecosystems provided by the network of Switzerland Innovation. AlthoughVenture Kick is not part of the network of Switzerland Innovation, it supports young companies on their journey from science to market with early stage funding. Some of the young companies and spin-offs supported by Venture Kick are based in one of the five Switzerland Innovation Parks.

read full article published in: CHIMIA - The Swiss Ecosystem: Innovation in Chemistry and Life Science - doi:10.2533/chimia.2020.755 Chimia 74 (2020) 755–757