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Netsensing's Sleep Apnea Technology Secures a Financing Round

Author: Switzerland Innovation Park Network West EPFL - Microcity Neuchâtel

Netsensing Technology secures a financing round to accelerate the final integration of a sleep apnea detection device.

Located in the Switzerland Innovation Park West EPFL, Microcity, in Neuchâtel, Netsensing Technology has successfully raised funds to be used to support the validation of its cloud-based software for the automatic detection of sleep apnea and the integration of its final device Home Sleep Apnea Test (HSAT).

The worldwide prevalence of sleep apnea is 15% and when left untreated, it reduces life expectancy by more than 12 years according to the British Lung Association. Given the current high costs and waiting times, sleep apnea syndrome is largely undiagnosed.

To highlight the potential of the device under development, Philippe Koller, co-founder, said: "These funds will help us to consolidate and finalize the letters of intent already received from major global commercial partners", Raja Yazigi, co-founder, added: "They will also help us to conduct clinical trials in a major hospital in Germany, which has shown great interest in our technology".

AboutNetsensing Technology
Netsensing Technology Sàrl is a privately owned company created in 2019 that develops medical devices. It has already received several awards and has been selected by BILAN magazine as one of the 50 best startups in 2019 to invest in, received the European Union seal of excellence, won the H2020 Digi-B-cube grant, and was a finalist for the "BCN Innovation Award" in 2020.