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Bertarelli Foundation's Catalyst Fund Selects Six Projects in Its 2020 Funding Round

Author: Switzerland Innovation Park Network West EPFL - Campus Biotech

The Catalyst Fund – supported by the Bertarelli Foundation – has selected six research projects to fund this year. Led by professors from EPFL and other Swiss Universities, these projects all aim to develop new treatment options for neurological disorders.

Created by the Bertarelli Foundation in 2017, the Catalyst Fund aims to invest in translational projects targeting innovative approaches for diseases affecting the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nervous system and sensory organs.

“The Catalyst Fund is designed to foster innovative research and the development of life-saving treatments for diseases in neuroscience,” says Ernesto Bertarelli. As the third call for proposals is now complete, six projects were selected for a total of CHF 1,788,619. “I offer my sincere congratulations to the six newest laureates at Campus Biotech,” declare the Co-Chair of the Foundation. “Each of these teams is pursuing research in extremely important and potentially high-impact areas of neuroscience and it is a great honour to be able to add extra fuel to the collaborative fire that is driving their vital work. I want to thank the other applications who, this time, we unfortunately could not select.”

Pierre Magistretti, chairman of the Catalyst Fund, adds: “The task of the Scientific Committee has been very rewarding due to excellent quality of the proposed projects, but at the same time, making the selection of the top six successful applications was quite challenging. This initiative provides a unique opportunity to leverage the outstanding potential of the Lemanic Neurosciences to promote basic research and translational projects in this field.”