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Competition Teams From ETH at the Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich

Author: Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich
End of season 2019 / entire AMZ Team 2019 (Electrick & Driverless)  @AMZ-Kreutzweise
End of season 2019 / entire AMZ Team 2019 (Electrick & Driverless) @AMZ-Kreutzweise

Competition teams from the ETH Zurich such as AMZ, ARIS, e-sling and Swissloop are researching on future-oriented topics in the field of mobility and space. At the Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich, they develop and test new prototypes with which they participate in international student competitions.

Innovation happens everywhere, but especially in places where people come together. At the Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich located on the Dübendorf Airport, people from different industries, clusters, companies and institutions will one day come together to drive innovation forward. Even if everything is only just under construction, a lot is already underway. Various ETH Competition teams are already researching and working on exciting projects at the Innovation Park. 

e-Sling is a unique, four-seat electric aircraft that is being developed by mechanical and electrical engineering students as part of an ETH focus project. The mobility project is helping to revolutionize aviation and pave the way for green aviation. 

The “Akademische Raumfahrt Initiative Schweiz” (ARIS) brings together students from Swiss universities for space research. In the Innovation Park, the members of the association conduct research on an innovative rocket that will fly into low Earth orbit and transport small scientific experiments.

Swissloop is a student association that works on the research and development of the Hyperloop technology. To this end, Swissloop builds prototypes of so-called "pods" and participates with them in international Hyperloop competitions.

Every year, the Academic Motorsports Club Zurich (AMZ) develops a racing car prototype for various "Formula Student" competitions in Europe. The association offers students a platform to apply their theoretical engineering knowledge to the practical example of a highly complex product and to measure the results with other technical universities.