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Boosting Proton Therapy in the Fight Against Cancer

Author: Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare

Terapet SA, the winner of Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare’s 2020 “Business Incubation Centre of CERN Technologies” in Villigen, Switzerland, has developed a medical device that allows for the first time the monitoring of the delivered proton dose, precisely, inside the patients. The Skandion Clinic in Uppsala, Sweden, is the first clinic in the Nordic region to offer advanced cancer treatment using proton therapy.

Together with Chief Medical physicist, Prof. Alexandru Dasu from the Skandion Clinic, the team under the lead of CEO Dr. Christina Vallgren of Terapet SA, is currently working successfully on the validation of their prototype in a clinical environment. “The preliminary results look indeed very promising”, explains Christina Vallgren. “Validating our technology with a clinical proton beam is an important milestone and will provide invaluable information for the implementation of a full-scale prototype. And we definitely will benefit from this successful experience for our upcoming Series A Investment round”.

Medtech startup Terapet provides a solution that eliminates one of the biggest obstacles in proton therapy for cancer patients: ensuring that every patient receives the right dose, in the right place, every time. Terapet’s medical device allows, for the first time, the monitoring of the delivered proton dose inside the patients to provide them with safer and more effective treatments. The startup is currently testing their prototype at Skandion Clinic in Sweden. In Switzerland, patients can profit from advances Proton Therapy at Paul Scherrer Institute PSI in Villigen. 

Photo (from left to right): Prof. Raymond Mirabell (CSO/co-founder), Dr Marcus Palm (CTO/co-founder), Dr Christina Vallgren (CEO/co-founder), Dr Ben Brunt (Senior Data Scientist)