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Akselos to Accelerate Large Scale Deployment of Renewable Energy

Author: © Akselos

Akselos, leader in physics-based Digital Twins based at EPFL Innovation Park, site of SIP West EPFL, simulates exact virtual replicas, or predictive and accurate Digital Twins, of energy assets such as offshore wind turbine and their foundations.

Akselos closed a $16.5 million funding round, with participation from AT Capital Group, Future Energy Ventures, Japan Energy Fund and Shell Ventures. With the latest investment round, Akselos will acquire an investor base to support the company’s ongoing global growth, enabling it to scale both its team and solutions to optimise the energy industry’s existing infrastructure and accelerate large scale deployment of renewable energy. This is a crucial step toward the company’s aim of providing technology to enable the energy transition in line with Akselos’ commitment to the IEA Net Zero 2050 roadmap.

Thomas Leurent, CEO at Akselos, says: 
“We’ve enabled a new innovation curve for the energy industry. Each time we apply our MIT-licensed technology to a new type of asset with our customers and partners, we’re delivering industry firsts that will shape the future. It’s more important than ever to protect and extend the life of our current infrastructure while redeploying capital toward the ambitious Net Zero 2050 roadmap. The team at Akselos is incredibly driven and is fully focused on scale, pace and precision. Adoption of our technology allows customers to lead in their respective fields, and we are eager to broaden the applications and usage.”

Today the company has deployed its software to over 40 customers worldwide. Employing more than 90 staff globally, Akselos is a leader in energy infrastructure innovation and operational excellence. Akselos’ customers use its physics-based digital twin software, Akselos Integra & Akselos Innovate, to protect their most critical assets, learn from the Digital Twins and design the next generation of assets.