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Cooling vests - successfully connected

Author: Switzerland Innovation Park Ost

Living up to Switzerland Innovation's motto of "Connecting Great Minds," Switzerland Innovation Park Ost has brought together Nahtlos AG and Cablex AG to develop a revolutionary cooling technology for the construction industry.

Nahtlos AG, a spin-off of Empa St. Gallen, has further developed a scientifically validated cooling vest technology that originated at Empa St. Gallen. This technology cools the skin temperature by up to 5 degrees. Together with the Swiss Paraplegic Center, Nahtlos AG has already successfully adapted this innovative technology to the needs of paraplegics and developed customized cooling solutions.

Now Nahtlos AG has found the ideal partner in Cablex AG to transfer this advanced cooling technology to the specific requirements of the construction industry.

If you are interested in this cooling technology or would like further information, please contact José Näf directly, Nahtlos AG.