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i4challenge 2023: Pushing Boundaries With 11 Winning Innovations

Author: Switzerland Innovation

The i4Challenge program has hit a milestone with its sixth edition, spotlighting 11 exceptional projects. These winners are destined to shape the future, with the added privilege of developing their projects at the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area, site Jura in Courroux, Delémont. 

Meet the "Innovative Solutions" Winners:

1. Tethys Robotics: Pioneering underwater operations with a compact autonomous underwater drone, a world-first innovation.

2. Robo Wire: Transforming stranded wire processing with Swiss quality and continuous innovation.

3. collectID: Bridging the physical and digital worlds, connecting brands and customers through phygital products.

4. Morphotonix: Ensuring product authenticity through efficient brand protection without inks, labels, or additives.

5. Purple Alternative Surface: Advancing sustainability by turning recycled plastic into eco-friendly urban paving.

6. GradeSens AG: Optimizing critical asset maintenance with 4.0 predictive solutions, reducing costs and downtime.

New Ideas" Winners:

7. Data Coffee GmbH: Revolutionizing data management for production plants and sensor systems.

8. EM Path: Transforming radio frequency testing for wireless systems and antennas, making it faster and more compact.

9. GI.GA.GI: It is the first all-in-one marketplace for purchases and sales of cables and electrical equipment.

10. peaKFlow: Pioneering self-sustaining sensing technology for real estate, reducing operating costs.

11. Makeina: Innovating AI-powered tracking solutions for extended traceability in the production chain.

About The i4Challenge : 

The i4Challenge is a startup accelerator by Basel Area Business & Innovation. It’s based in Basel, Switzerland, and it’s focused on startups with ideas, products and solutions related to industry 4.0 transformation.  Program website