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Sustainable Construction: Park Central and Partners Launch

Author: Switzerland Innovation

In a world struggling with pressing challenges like climate change and resource scarcity, the need for bold startups with breakthrough solutions has never been greater. But the path from a breakthrough idea to industry leader is often paved with obstacles. Challenges related to market access, complex start-up processes, insufficient venture capital, lack of business and marketing acumen, or lack of a supportive network can easily turn innovators' dreams into insurmountable nightmares.

Park Central, site of Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich in a bold alliance with private investors and the Cantonal Bank of Zug, is taking a pioneering leap into the future of construction innovation with the launch of It's all about the long game. This innovative initiative is dedicated to making long-term investments in startups within the Park Central and NEST ecosystem, particularly those that champion circular and sustainable construction business models. isn't just another venture capital fund. It's built on the principles of true partnership and long-term collaboration. The team is determined to reinvest at least half of all future proceeds back into the startup ecosystem, creating a sustainable cycle of growth and support.

Complementing this investment firm is the Venture Desk, a comprehensive support platform designed to empower startups in effectively managing their businesses. This hands-on approach allows startup entrepreneurs to focus on their core mission—innovating and growing their companies.

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