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Unlocking Traffic Solutions: Teaming up at Switzerland Innovation Park Ost

Author: Switzerland Innovation Park Ost
PMX System Sensor in St. Gallen
PMX System Sensor in St. Gallen

Curious about the future of traffic monitoring? Dive into the innovative partnership between PMX Systems AG and AIMotroniX AG. Discover how cutting-edge technology is shaping the way we count traffic and people. 

PMX Systems and AIMotroniX are joining forces to develop a digital twin for traffic and people counting. The project enables PMX Systems to set new standards in counting with radars. The idea for the collaboration was born over a coffee in the Switzerland Innovation Park Ost.

The highly developed sensors from PMX Systems have a number of advantages over regular traffic counting systems. They are not only powered by solar energy and can be used all over the world via satellite communication. Their ability to not only count but also categorize vehicles is particularly unique. This means that more precise information can be obtained about the type of vehicles on the road.

Focus on technology

New technologies create the conditions for this innovative measuring method. However, extensive testing of the sensors would be unthinkable in the real world due to space, time and resource constraints. The digital twin developed by AIMotroniX, on the other hand, simulates real conditions for measuring the sensors, allowing a wide range of vehicle types and traffic situations to be tested. In addition, the digital twin provides the basis for intelligent, model-based signal evaluation.

Rewarding cooperation

The cooperation enables PMX Systems to test its sensor systems more extensively than would ever have been possible in the real world. This not only leaves room for specific optimizations, it also validates the product for interested parties. AIMotroniX is also acquiring crucial skills and valuable experience through the project, which will help it to successfully expand its portfolio into the field of smart sensing.

Milestones and future plans

PMX Systems AG will be officially founded in January 2024 and will launch a completely revised product line on the market just weeks later. This will be followed by a market offensive aimed at cities, municipalities, the tourism sector and companies with security-monitored zones. AIMotroniX is developing a comprehensive library of components for digital twins that can be used to optimize, control and diagnose complex systems.

The collaboration between PMX Systems and AIMotroniX marks a significant step in the development of advanced technologies for traffic counting and digital simulation. The two companies are working together to combine their knowledge and develop innovative solutions for future challenges.

About PMX Systems AG:

PMX develops and markets smart IoT sensors for measuring outdoor mobility. The globally unique sensors can count and categorize both vehicles and people. Thanks to solar power and satellite communication, the systems can be operated autonomously virtually anywhere. The sensors are mainly developed and manufactured at the St.Gallen site.

About AIMotroniX AG:

AIMotroniX specializes in the modelling and development of digital twins and their use in control systems and sensors. By representing complex systems in the form of a digital twin, such systems can be optimized both in terms of design and operation. This results in significant savings in energy, working time and resources.