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PiBond and PSI Collaborate to Propel Semiconductor Innovation

Author: Switzerland Innovation
© Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare
© Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare

PiBond, a pioneering Finnish deep tech firm, develops and produces unique materials that are activated by photons. These are crucial for manufacturing semiconductor chips.

Teaming up with Paul Scherrer Institute Paul Scherrer Institute PSI, the largest research institute for natural and engineering sciences in Switzerland, PiBond aims to revolutionize lithographic materials for next-gen semiconductor technologies.

The focus of PiBond is on overcoming existing limitations in lithographic materials, which are crucial for future semiconductor manufacturing processes. The collaboration with PSI aims to commercialize a novel resist technology for advanced semiconductor manufacturing.

As part of this agreement, PiBond is establishing a subsidiary in the Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare to deepen the collaboration with PSI and utilize its research infrastructure. The park offers a network in which companies, SMEs, start-ups and PSI can work together in an optimally profitable way to optimize production processes and advance the development of innovative products and bring them to market.

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