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Park Zurich

Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich

Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich has 38 hectares of undeveloped land for the performance of R&D and joint innovation work between the worlds of business and science (Federal Institute of Technology [ETH] Zurich, University of Zurich and universities of applied sciences Zurich). The innovation focus areas are life sciences and quality of life, engineering and environment, and digital technologies and communication.


Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich is an inspirational location situated at an attractive site: it is easily accessible, surrounded by world-renowned universities, and located close to Zurich Airport and the city of Zurich with its high quality of life. Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich offers space for companies of all sizes, from start-ups and SMEs to large corporations. It intensifies the level of cooperation between various players, allowing Swiss innovations to register market success in less time. The buildings required for the innovation and R&D activities are constructed with a building lease setup in accordance with the needs of users and/or investors. Laboratories, offices, pilot plants, test sites, jointly used technology platforms, and other research facilities are envisaged.

Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich provides companies with the opportunity to supplement the work of their research departments with the expertise of universities.

Zurich is already a center for production and thinking, as well as a leading business location with a global reach, talented individuals with excellent qualifications, and an above-average quality of life.

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A unique site on the airfield in Dübendorf is available – located in close proximity to Zurich Airport, universities, and the business metropolis of Zurich, and with excellent public transport links. Former hangars can be converted and adjoining plots of accessible land are available for new buildings.

Planning documents for a first stage incorporating 38 hectares and a total floor space of 410,000 square meters have been prepared.

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Research and innovation focus areas

Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich reflects the innovative strength of Zurich. The outstanding research work of Zurich’s institutes of higher education (Federal Institute of Technology [ETH] Zurich, University of Zurich, universities of applied sciences Zurich) meets with the activities of industry clusters in Switzerland’s strongest economic Canton.

3 Innovation Areas

Digital Technologies and Communication

Digital Technologies and Communication


Secure and efficient communication links that make the future more pleasant.

Engineering and Environment

Engineering and Environment


Technical progress that is oriented to the requirements of people and nature.

Life Sciences and Quality of Life

Life Sciences and Quality of Life


This focus area involves technological competences that contribute to improving health, preserving life, and making life more comfortable.


    The Zurich site is located on a greenfield site with a high level of flexibility. Planning documents have been drawn up, but still have to be realized. After the design plan has been set, initial projects can be implemented (conversion of hangars in the peripheral development from 2017, new buildings from around 2020). In parallel, an urban structure with services will be developed so that the researchers can combine living and working.