Collaborations between science and industry.
To accelerate innovations and to generate new business.


The Switzerland Innovation Park Ost (SIP Ost) supports collaboration between companies, startups and universities to find solutions to urgent global challenges. With our focus on selected priority topics, we drive innovation in a focused way. For us, the term innovation means not only the generation of new business ideas, but also their successful implementation in the market.


We are at home on the Lerchenfeld campus. A community of start-ups, SMEs and technologically oriented companies has been growing here on an area of ​​35,000 m2 since 2010. The start-up incubator Startfeld rents out premises on campus. Generous commercial building land reserves offer development potential for companies and new economic impulses.




The Switzerland Innovation Park Ost (SIP Ost) is part of the national initiative Switzerland Innovation. At various locations throughout the country, the innovation parks promote cooperation between companies and research institutions.

The aim of the SIP Ost is to combine industry, science and education in a profitable way. Together with our partners, we form a dynamic ecosystem that accelerates the translation of research results into marketable products and services. In addition, we identify and implement lighthouse projects and thus create future-oriented jobs.

Startfeld is now part of the Switzerland Innovation Park Ost.