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Christof Domeisen, CEO Angst+Pfister
Christof Domeisen, CEO Angst+Pfister

Following the successful conclusion of the political process, the Innovation Park Zurich can report another important development step: The globally active Angst+Pfister group of companies is participating in the generation project as a substantial investor. We asked Christof Domeisen, CEO of Angst+Pfister, why his company is investing in the Innovation Park.

What prompted Angst+Pfister to make this investment decision?
The Innovation Park Zurich is one of the most exciting development projects for the Swiss workplace. Over the next few years, a platform will be created here where a wide variety of partners will develop solutions for today's and tomorrow's generations. This will be a place where industry and science work together on the projects of tomorrow. Our investment in the Innovation Park is an active contribution as an international company with Swiss origins to securing the future prosperity of our country.

Your company operates internationally and has an excellent network - why do companies like Angst+Pfister need an innovation park?  
For me, one of the key elements for a successful future is to bring research and development as close together as possible. The Innovation Park offers a unique ecosystem and explicitly promotes cooperation between universities and a wide range of industrial partners. For us, as an internationally operating company that essentially lives from the development of new products, places like the Innovation Park offer an ideal environment. Here, the colleagues who work for our Angst+Pfister family can learn from and with others, ensuring that we continue to develop.

You have accompanied the Innovation Park Zurich since 2021 as a member of the foundation board. Where does the generation project stand today, now that the political process has been completed?  
We are now at the beginning of the implementation phase. Now it's a matter of getting companies excited about the idea and providing them with the infrastructure they can use for their long-term success. Of course, we are grateful for the incredibly broad support in recent months and years, but above all, for the immense amount of work that has already been done on and around the park. From my point of view, the support we have experienced has been unparalleled. Thanks to all of you who have made this possible - thanks to you, we can now get started!

In your view, what are the unique features and advantages of the IPZ, also in an international comparison?
The Innovation Park Zurich is an immense enrichment not only for Switzerland but it has an impact far beyond the country's borders. Thanks to its location, its proximity to excellent research and education sites and its links to Zurich, the park offers a unique environment in this form thanks to the combination of innovation park, factory airfield, experimental space and flexible infrastructures.

Looking ahead: What is particularly important to you in developing the innovation park as an industrial partner?
It is essential that we succeed in creating the best possible environment for science and industry alike. It is also important to me that this development takes place in harmony with nature and that the people who will spend their knowledge and time there in the future feel comfortable. The task now is to fill the park with life and to find the ideal partners and companies to work together on the projects of the future in this inspiring place.