The Switzerland Innovation Parks have defined several primary areas of innovation, and the Zurich Park will begin its activities in three selected fields. Research institutes and enterprises in the Zurich area have unique technical expertise in these fields.

The Zurich Park has chosen topics that are of great importance in meeting tomorrow’s challenges:

- Robotics & Mobility

- Aerospace

- Advanced Manufacturing

The Ecosystems at Innovation Park Zurich

Robotics & Mobility

Switzerland, and in particular the Zurich area, are often referred to as the “Silicon Valley of Robotics”. In addition, Zurich also comes out time and again with innovations in the field of mobility that attract worldwide attention.

Furthermore, alongside the eminent scientists that are based in Zurich there are also many start-ups and companies here. Currently more and more leading international companies are locating in Zurich.

The topics in the Zurich Park range from autonomous vehicles and navigation to moving and flying robots, as well as from rehabilitation technology for patients to digital production technology on construction sites.

The Zurich Park offers companies and researchers infrastructures for testing that will be further developed in the future.


Space & Aviation

With the adjoining airfield, the Zurich Park offers excellent facilities for aerospace research. However, this is not the only reason for making aerospace one of the key innovation areas at the Park.

Research in this field has a long tradition in Zurich, and it is not just about rockets and astronauts. Many things that are part of our daily lives, like GPS, with which we can determine our position at any time with a mobile telephone, would not exist today without innovations in aerospace.

Aerospace topics range from experiments in zero gravity, to terrestrial observation, planning and implementing space missions and astrophysics.

Zero G Flight

Advanced Manufacturing

Not just watches, but many other Swiss products are known worldwide for their quality, precision and reliability, as well as for innovation. Modern production technology plays a key role here. It contributes to keeping industrial jobs in Switzerland, with Switzerland maintaining its position as a leader in technology in many industries.

In the Zurich Park companies and researchers will jointly develop new materials, processes and systems. Digitalization is making much innovation possible for the first time. The scope ranges from production techniques like 3D printing or coating to elements of Industry 4.0, like sensors, automation and machine learning.

Robotics: AI Drones

Drone racing at an airfield Hangar at Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich, conducted by academic partner University of Zurich. // Photo Credit © Leonard Bauersfeld, UZH

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