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“Innospiration“ : The Zurich Innovation Park playlist

Author: Claudia Bürgler
Innospiration Songs

What is it that inspires us? Is it people who impress us with their exemplary behavior or deeds? Is it the beauty of nature that surprises us time and again? Or is it a place that brings out the best in us and motivates us to perform at our best?

Our playlist makes it clear that music is a source of inspiration, but that it is different for all of us. We asked people in and around the Innovation Park which is their song that inspires them. The result has been a colorful bouquet of tunes, songs and arias that get under their skin.

If you would like to find out which song particularly inspires the mayor of the city of Zurich, our president of the board of trustees or a whole research team, and why, this booklet (German only) will give you all the relevant information. Or simply listen to our playlist on Spotify. Click here for the playlist

Enjoy listening in!