Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich




Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich is creating a new platform for research, development and innovation, and is intended to be a place that combines research findings with the practical experience and market expertise of leading big companies, SMEs and start-ups. The park is a response to the needs of the renowned Zurich universities and the private sector for physical proximity to facilitate close collaboration, and will improve Zurich’s already considerable appeal as a location and the high quality of life in the region.

Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich has defined the innovation focus areas of life sciences and quality of life, engineering and environment and digital technologies and communication, all of which reflect current megatrends and are the subject of excellent research being carried out by the universities located there. The findings of this research will then be developed further by small and large companies in the region, and ultimately help to shape change and progress in industry, business and society. Companies working in the areas of robotics and mobility, space and advanced manufacturing are due to start moving in from 2017 onwards.


The innovation park is investing in Switzerland’s most important resource as a knowledge society, creating space for research, development and innovation.

Professor Michael E. Schaepman, Vice President for Veterinary Medicine and Natural Sciences at the University of Zurich

Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich



  • Highly advanced technology and sector clusters as well as corporate leaders on the global stage
  • Close proximity to internationally renowned universities
  • Value chains already in place in various attractive clusters
  • Access to a highly qualified talent pool
  • Considerable space available for development (up to 38 hectares/90 acres)
  • Excellent infrastructure and international transportation network
  • Stable and business-friendly political and regulatory environment
  • High quality of life in the region
  • Backed by organizations (the Canton of Zurich, the Federal Institute of Technology Zurich [ETHZ], Zürcher Kantonalbank and the University of Zurich) with strong roots in the region

The aim at Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich is to enable industry to benefit from research – and research to benefit from practice.

Hans Hess, President of Swissmem

Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich



Zurich combines the research and development teams of internationally renowned universities with numerous globally leading technology and service companies. These are surrounded by a wide range of up-and-coming SMEs and dynamic start-ups, and together they help to secure the economic strength of the Zurich region.

Many brilliant minds are already here, and the aim is to attract more still – thanks to the leading positions of the universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutions already located here, and thanks to the innovative strength of companies nearby. Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich is intended to be a site that brings companies together and enables them to tap into various sources of potential along their supply chains – in the interests and to the benefit of all concerned.

Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich


Innovation, Variation, Sensation

Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich aims to attract new research projects, supporting the economy of the region using a careful, sustainable and flexible approach. In its role as a platform, the innovation park will help to create new jobs and act as a magnet for new companies and suppliers from the region, all of which will in turn have a positive impact on education, employment and purchasing power. Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich will improve Zurich’s already considerable appeal as a location and the high quality of life in the region.

The Foundation Board has defined a series of central quality criteria for selecting research and development teams interested in establishing a location at the site:

  • Collaboration with a scientific institution located on the site, or establishment and maintenance of a technology platform for use by the park
  • Work in one of the research and innovation focus areas
  • Willingness to play an active role in the innovation park, and to help shape the shared knowledge platform


Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich