Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich



Zurich is an outstanding business location from an international perspective. Some of the valuable benefits of the location include high economic and political stability, an excellent infrastructure, good international transport links, proximity to one of the world’s leading financial centers and renowned universities and universities of applied sciences, high quality of life and direct access to well-trained and multilingual staff.


Establishing a location for new, innovative companies at the innovation park will help to ensure that one of the greatest strengths of the business location continues to be developed.

Dr. Regine Sauter, Director of the Zurich Chamber of Commerce, National Councillor


The innovation park is a new instrument of location development being added to the existing selection of incubators and Technoparks. It will give the issue of “innovation” a visible and concrete presence and make it – as the country’s only resource – a tangible experience. It will also, however, aim to encourage enthusiasm for technology among the younger generation and help resolve the shortage of skilled workers.


Innovationspark Zürich