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Thanks to ARIS in Dübendorf to the master thesis at NASA in California

Adrian Fuhrer, Masterstudent und schon bald bei der NASA

Adrian Fuhrer has landed a much-wanted place for his master's thesis! The mechanical engineering student will fly to California in the fall to the "Jet Propulsion Lab", which is operated for NASA.

As part of his master's thesis, he will work in the "Chemical Analysis and Life Detection" group on a project to develop an autonomous measuring device that will explore ocean worlds in the future and enable chemical oceanography on Earth. One of the stepping stones to this unique opportunity was Adrian's participation in the ETH-Competition-Team ARIS in the Innovation Park Zurich. Here he learned how to tackle big challenges in an interdisciplinary team. "As a member of the board, I was able to meet many interesting people, which always opened new doors for me. Before ARIS, I would never have dreamed of the chance to work at NASA."

We wish Adrian an educational time in the USA and unforgettable experiences!