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Zurich, Central Switzerland and Ticino: an innovation network along the north-south axis

Innovation Network Zurich, Central, Ticino

From 2021, the network around the Zurich Park has also included two other locations, the Innovation Park Central Switzerland and the Innovation Park Ticino. This has led to enhanced cooperation along the north-south axis between Zurich, Rotkreuz and Lugano, which broadly corresponds with the span of the Greater Zurich Area.


Switzerland Innovation Park Ticino: life sciences, drones and blockchain technology

For Ticino, German-speaking Switzerland has always been an extremely important trading region, a fact that is now substantiated by Ticino’s association with the Greater Zurich Area. The Canton of Ticino is at the fore in Switzerland in terms of innovation. The Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), the Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera italiana (SUPSI) and their affiliated, internationally recognized institutes are all known for their academic excellence. The Ticino Innovation Park focuses on the areas of life sciences & pharmaceuticals, as well drones, blockchain and DApps.

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Switzerland Innovation Park Central: innovation for building an environment worth living in

Over the last few years Rotkreuz has become a location for innovation in “Building Excellence”.  Different labs combine ecological, technological, economical and sociological input to give a holistic view of innovations around the built environment. These include, for example, the digitalization and optimization of buildings and areas. The prime focus aptly complements the thematic scope of the Swiss Innovation Parks. Supporting this commitment are the six central Swiss cantons, a strong economy and the institutions of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, NEST, CSEM and the University of Applied Sciences East.

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