Distalmotion based at Biopôle to Start Global Commercialization of Surgical Robot

Author: Biopôle

The company Distalmotion based at Biopôle site of SIP Network West EPFL, closed a $90M financing supporting the global commercialization of Dexter, a novel surgical robot for laparoscopic surgeons reducing complexity and delivering versatility to the market for robotic surgery.

The investment follows the successful completion of Dexter’s first clinical cases and aims to accelerate the Swiss company’s commercial scaling. Leading European hospitals are spearheading the development of procedure guidelines and training protocols for robotic surgery with Dexter as part of clinical studies and an Early Adopter Program (EAP). The company will also work closely with the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on a US submission supported by the financing.

This is a fundamentally new approach to robotic surgery,” said Prof. Dieter Hahnloser, who heads colorectal surgery at Lausanne University Hospital and performed the worldwide first general surgery procedure with Dexter in 2021. “Dexter’s open platform and the ability to switch quickly between standard laparoscopy and the robot give me an added sense of control and the freedom of choice to use the best instruments available for the job. To have these benefits while remaining sterile, with direct access to patient and robot, indicates Dexter can be a gamechanger in ORs around the world.”

In addition to financial backing, Revival will contribute hands-on leadership as the company gears up for growth: Revival Chairman Rick Anderson will join the Distalmotion board as Chairman, while President Lauren Forshey will join as an observer.

“The market is overdue for a fundamentally new approach to robotic surgery, where the mindset needs to be about ‘the surgeon’s robot,’ not molding ‘the robot’s surgeon,’” said Rick Anderson, Revival Chairman and incoming Chairman of Distalmotion. “Dexter is designed to work the way surgeons and OR teams work: patient focused and user-centric, providing necessary patient access and optimal tools for every step of the way. We are excited to deliver this powerful value proposition to surgeons, OR teams, and patients worldwide.”

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